Finnaction is a Finnish company concentrating on travel services and work well-being. The company was founded by a multitalented trio from Oulu who decided to turn their hobbies and passions into profession. Finnaction is especially proud of the world famous know-how of Oulu and the spectacular nature of Northern Finland and wishes to welcome each and every one to experience them first hand.

In addition to serving in the Finnish defence forces the varied background of the Finnaction team includes education in the fields of exercise, communication, business and handcraft, working and traveling internationally as well as decades of experience in fishing, hiking and other outdoor activities. Even challenging circumstances, such as camping in cold weather or coming down wild rapids, can be enjoyed when you have a former Finnish national paddler and a recon soldier to watch your back. If you’d like a good workout in a quality gym or perhaps in a nature setting, you have an educated and licensed Personal Trainer in your disposal.

Whether you prefer something simple to enjoy on the side of a business trip, a holiday package suited for a family vacation or to spend even weeks in the beautiful and calming Finnish nature fishing, hiking, paddling and camping, we are happy to deliver.

As we like to say, let’s take it for real but not serious!

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