Available from December 1 until March 31.

Ice fishing on the frozen waters of the Oulu region is something we can highly recommend to all travellers visiting Oulu.

Ice fishing perch on the frozen sea of Oulu (1.1.-31.3.) is a great beginner’s choice. The Oulu sea area, located in the Gulf of Bothnia, is beautiful all year round but offers spectacular views on both the city and the open sea especially during winter.

Ice fishing at a clear-water forest lake (1.12. - 31.3.) is also very well suited for beginners but as it is situated in the middle of forest surroundings you can experience the Finnish winter nature and breathe the cleanest air in the world while ice fishing.

Both of these trips are well suited for all travellers and even big groups visiting Oulu. They also offer a very good chance of catching fish.


For experimental fishermen we arrange challenge in the forms of more unconventional fishing methods.

Big northern pike bait fishing in winter (ismete) (1.12-31.3) is an exciting fishing style suited for groups of 2-6 people. With this method the main goal is to catch pikes with the length of at least one meter. Probability for this is surprisingly good and every once and a while even the magical borderline of 10 kg is broken.

Night time burbot ice fishing (1.1.-28.2.) takes place in the dark during mid-winter which creates an atmosphere totally unique to this method. Burbot is a nocturnal, bottom-feeding and snake-like fish that unlike other species reproduces during winter. This experience is truly unforgettable.

All of our fishing experiences include guidance, all the necessary equipment for ice fishing and a heated pop-up -tent for weather protection. On some trips a car transportation is included but is always available as an extra service.

Other extra services include snowmobile transportation on ice to the furthermost fishing spots, rental of winter clothes, two stove heated tents (each fitting 8 people) on ice and preparation of fried sausages and pot coffee on open fire in the traditional Finnish way.