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We rent gliding showshoes for independent trekking in Oulu.

Snowshoe trekking provides an active way of experiencing the frozen sea or foresty and swampy nature areas of Oulu. It doesn’t require previous experience and is suited for anyone with a basic fitness. Gliding snowshoes resemble short downhill skis and enable faster and more effortles trekking than traditional snowshoes. 

If you choose to start the trek in the evening and if the weather is clear, it’s possible to experience a beautiful starry sky and even northern lights (aurora borealis).

During the pick up, we will guide you through the use of the equipment. The service also includes maps of our recommended snowshoeing trails in the Oulu area. They can either be sent to phone or handed out as laminated paper maps. As additional services we can also provide firewood, headlamps and a sled.